Inspired by the growing running culture in Plainfield and surrounding suburbs, the Plainfield Pit Bulls Run Club was started to give young runners a team to be part of in a low-pressure, fun, and motivating environment.

The Plainfield Pit Bulls Run Club gives young runners (entering grades 3-5) a place to start developing their love for running. Runners will be exposed to age-appropriate training led by experienced coaches and high school runners. We do not run the kids into the ground. Runners will participate in running drills, games, basic speed development, strength/coordination exercises, and of course, age-appropriate running workouts. Most importantly, they will have fun!

No running experience is necessary and you do not have to live in Plainfield. We welcome all 3rd-5th graders from surrounding communities as well!

Come be part of the Plainfield running culture and be part of a team!