Shawn Edwards


I taught step dance and choreographed dance routines for high schoolers for 4 years. I also taught step dance to elementary school kids in a program called 'Dance for Change' through the City of Aurora Youth Development Center for 2 years. I later moved into a City of Aurora elementary School and taught step dance to first and third graders for 2 years. For the past 3 years, I have taught step dance and lead line dance classes for adults over 50 years old and senior communities. 


When Coach Derks reached out and asked me to coach the Pitbulls last year, I thought he was joking. I was terribly overweight and not a runner at all. I am so very thankful and grateful that he asked because I have lost and kept off 100 lbs. I am an avid runner and can now run 10 miles. Running has changed my life!


When it comes to teaching kids new things, things they thought they could never do, it's a priceless gift that fills my bucket. I feel that with positive praise, encouragement, and education, the possibilities for accomplishments are endless.


My motto has always been to lead with love. I will continue to do so this season and the seasons to come.